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We are one of the top dog groomers in Hull, Beverley and the East Riding of Yorkshire, a family-run team who all share a passion for dogs. Catering for all breeds at competitive prices and providing a safe and stress-free environment for all the dogs that visit us

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dog lovers

Our team are all dog owners and truly love animals that is why we have chosen this career. Your pet’s well being is our priority.

We only accept a limited number of dogs per day this allows us to spend time with your dog. We try and keep your dogs time here short and sweet as we know they want to get back to their owners.



We have a team of trained and caring professional pet groomers.

Our team maintains the highest standards of hygiene and we use the latest equipment for our grooming services.



Our team are well trained, professional, welcoming and friendly.

We focus on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction

Customer reviews

Emma Leng

Thankyou so much for tallulahs pamper today, cannot wait to bring her back next month,

Ellie Vaughan


Carolyn Johnson

So glad we found Jojoe’s for our rehomed ADT. Kymmie is never stressed or reluctant to trust himself to Jo, and neither are we.

Andy Dryland

Jojoe’s Grooming service is amazing and our dogs love going. I have been using her ever since our dogs were puppies, they are 8 now. She provides a very personal service and very professional.

Benn Kemp

Amazing service and the dog looks amazing every time

Carol Urry

Excellent and very understanding especially with the late Simba who didnt like going always put me at ease leaving both my dogs with her and Joe X

Sharron Prest

Thank you so much for Lottie’s first puppy groom, she looks gorgeous, very happy and will definitely be recommending you.

Leanne Thomson

I have been taking my dogs here for years best groomers I’ve ever been to. Always happy to see you love the dogs and do a fantastic job !

Sandra Dawson

thank you so much for the brilliant job you did on Cindy today look forward to bringing her back in december

Debbie Stewart

I can not praise Jojoe’s enough all three of our dogs have been well and truly pampered. When we picked our Airedale and Borders up we were delighted. Thank you once again Jojoe’s we have three happy pouches

Moira Wilson

Jo trimmed my Airedale for 11 years. She loves all dogs and has bred Airedales for many years. She will trim any breed of dog, and makes a fabulous job!

Alison Taylor

Monty loved having his first trim at Jojo’s and he was so much cooler & happy after his tidy up , lovely groomers

Gary Robinson

The best dog groomers around!

Adele Cooper

Been using Jo for over a year. Excellent service, first class groomer an my baby girl looks beautiful when she comes home. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Dave Bahn

We have been using Jo Jo’s for 8 years and never had a bad experience.

Colleen Moore

Not every groomer does a good job with scotties but they always look fantastic when they have been to Jo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why visit your dog groomer?

Clean is Healthier

Dogs walk in it, roll in it, and snuffle in it. Their hair attracts and holds onto dirt, pollen, If air cannot reach the skin, there is the possibility of developing bacterial or fungal skin infections, especially when the coat is not regularly cleaned. Moreover, matted fur is uncomfortable for the pet. second-hand smoke, and much more. We pet them, hold them, let them play with the kids and get on the furniture. They should be clean and your local dog groomer is well equipped for this.

Regular grooming can lead to early discovery of serious conditions

Every local dog groomer has stories of detecting serious health problems during grooming that had gone unnoticed at home. Regular grooming can allow for early discovery of serious conditions, and allow for early treatment and less veterinary expense. Grooming helps us become familiar with what is “normal” and what is not with our pets. It is one way to monitor the health of a pet. In using our sight, touch, and smell while grooming, we can recognize when something is not right and seek early veterinary care.

Thick or matted fur can conceal problems

Thick or matted fur can conceal tumors, growths, embedded objects and serious skin conditions. If air cannot reach the skin, there is the possibility of developing bacterial or fungal skin infections, especially when the coat is not regularly cleaned. Moreover, matted fur is uncomfortable for the pet.

Dead fur needs to be removed manually on many breeds

Long and curly haired breeds need to be combed to prevent matting. Double coated breeds need shed undercoat removed so the skin can breathe. Terrier coats need raking to remove aged hairs and promote fresh growth. All short-coated breeds shed hair and need to be groomed for hair management.

Uncared for feet and toenails can cause discomfort and pain

Walking on long and curled nails can throw the dog’s structural alignment out of whack. Some over-grown nails can curl back and puncture the foot pad. Hair can become balled up between the pads and contain stickers.

Having a well-groomed dog is more fun

Grooming increases the parent-pet bond, not just the doing of it, but also the results. We are attracted to how a dog looks. Whether it is cute and fluffy, tidy and tailored, or smooth and shiny, humans have a natural response to an attractive looking animal. We enjoy our pets more when they are not dirty and smelly or an embarrassment to us when company comes. Well-groomed pets get more positive attention from others as well. Any way we look at it, grooming matters!

I hope you found this information helpful. To keep your dog in good health and looking its best, book an appointment with your local dog groomer.

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